Alyssa Satara

haven't said enough

Alyssa Satara is a social innovator with a masters degree focused on human rights. She is a columnist for Inc Magazine, and has had her work published in major publications, such as Forbes, International Business Times, The Independent, HuffPost, HuffPost UK, and Observer.

Alyssa is also the host of Haven't Said Enough, a podcast focused on creating a dialogue around humanitarian and social issues, and their possible resolutions. 


My Mission

I am a TCK—a Third Culture Kid—meaning I was raised in countries and cultures different than my own. Both my parents are American. 

As a result, I've lived all over the world.

When you're exposed to so many different cultures, you realize that the problems we face on an individual level aren't just our problems. We all share this planet. And when something happens in any corner of the world, it's still worth talking about and bringing attention to—because the lessons are universal.

Some people don't think their voices matter.

I disagree. 

I think we all Haven't Said Enough.


All the good stuff, none of the boring.


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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3: coming soon

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What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
— Jane Goodall


My work has been published in Inc Magazine, Forbes, International Business Times, The Independent, HuffPost, Observer, Hackernoon, and more.

Let's work together!

After receiving my masters degree in London focused on human rights, I co-founded a tech startup called Refugee Code Academy. We aimed to bring coding education programs to refugee camps, helping them integrate into the global workforce. 

Since then, I have worked on a number of social good initiatives, while also launching my own podcast, Haven't Said Enough, focused on bringing awareness to issues that matter. 

I love working on projects that bring positive change to the world.